Bitmain would soon present the S19 XP miner, 36% more efficient than its previous version

Key facts:
  • It is a new mining equipment from Bitmain, launched more than a year after the arrival of the S19 Pro.
  • It is presumed to be officially unveiled during a conference in Dubai tomorrow.

Growth sign? Bitmain, one of the most important Bitcoin (BTC) mining hardware companies in the market, is about to launch a new application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) miner, the S19 XP, which corresponds to the new Bitmain Antminer S19 series.

So revealed Chinese emerging market journalist Colin Wu, via Twitter. According to their sources, the new ASIC miners will be of the latest technology and with new features, among which a 5 nanometer chip, which is faster and with lower power consumption.

Also, the new team will have a hash rate (extraction capacity) up to 150 terahashes (TH), with a power consumption of 3.1 kilowatts per hour (kWh). This, in addition to a energy efficiency of 21.5 joules for each terahash (J / TH).

The announcement still has not been made official by the companyWell, not even in his Web page nor has anything been published about it on their social networks. It is presumed, however, that the news is reported in the next few hours.

According The Block, which also reported the news citing sources familiar with the matter, the announcement of the S19 XP will be made at a mining conference in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, to be held tomorrow, Tuesday, November 9, says the own website of the event.

Improvements compared to the previous version – bitmain antminer

The S19 XP brings important improvements compared to the previous team, the S19 Pro, launched by the company last year. According to data, It is said that it is 36% more efficient compared to its predecessor version.

In fact, this is how Wu defends it. In his opinion, “a lot has been improved” between one team and another. In data, the S19 Pro has a 7 nm chip and reaches a maximum extraction of 110 TH / S.

In addition, it consumes 3.1 kWh and has an efficiency power of 29.5 J / TH, “further improving the efficiency of its predecessor”, they say on its page, referring to the Antminer T19, which has an efficiency power of 37.5 J / TH, with a production of 84 TH / S.Minero S19 Pro de Bitmain. Fuente: Bitmain.

Thus, if the arrival of the S19 XP is confirmed, we will be talking about the Bitcoin mining team more powerful and powerful of the cryptocurrency market.

According to Bitmain, the Antminer S19 series of ASIC miners “are designed with advanced technology, improving operations and ensuring long-term operations for future mining.”

There is no information on the price of the new product. However, it is to be known that in AliExpress the S19 Pro miner is being sold, right now, in USD 16.999.

The announced is specified

If the arrival of the Antiminer S19 XP is confirmed, it would be becoming a fact what was announced in the middle of last year, that the Bitmain company was acquiring 5 nm chips to incorporate them into your new generation of ASIC miners.

According to what was reported by CriptoNoticias, Bitmain was in August 2020 on the list of the seven companies with the highest allocation of 5 nm chips manufactured by the Taiwanese firm TSMC.

And in January of last year they already stated that, incorporating a 5-nanometer chip into their mining, such devices could improve their performance by up to 15%.

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