How can I deal with customs duties on my orders?

We can not guarantee or predict the value of the customs duties you may have to pay to receive your order. Please contact your local post office or customs agency or visit their official help centers to inquire about the customs regulations and tariffs of your country. Orders shipped with an express mail service have a higher probability of being taxed.

If you are a drop shipper or wholesaler, please ensure that you are abiding by the tax regulations for selling our products in other countries. If you purchased tariff insurance, you can make a claim and we will reimburse any taxes and duties you paid.

Why is my parcel at the local post office?

Orders shipped with standard shipping or a free shipping method maybe delivered directly to your local post office. We will inform you once it has arrived. Please use your identity document and the tracking number to collect your parcel. If you are not home for it’s delivery or the package is too big for your mailbox, your parcel may return to your local post office. A notice will usually be left in your mailbox or on your door step.

I rejected my order, what can I do?

If you refuse to accept the goods or refuse to pay customs duties, the goods will be returned to the sender (bitmain). When the tracking information shows returned to sender, you may request a refund of your order. The Antminer-Bitmain will deduct from the refund amount all charges related to delivery of the order to the country of destination and its return.